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Business Process & Control

Peregrine has the hands-on, industry-specific experience to help achieve your objectives. We take a practical, results-oriented approach to geared towards delivering timely results, while minimizing business disruption.
Whether you're considering offshoot service offerings, looking to improve operational turnaround, integrate systems and data across your business life-cycle, perform vendor selection, mitigate risk, or just reduce costs, ....
For Building Owners
  • Evaluation of competing proposals to assess design, review financing strategies, and assess overall project economics
  • Managing the RFP/RFI process from creation to contract negotiation through vendor selection
  • Facilitate AHJ approvals and the permitting process
  • Procurement of major system components and installation services
  • Project Management to ensure your alternative energy initiatives proceed according to plan, while minimzing risk
For Alternative Energy businesses, including EPC's
  • Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering geared towards cost reduction, improving operational efficiency, increasing throughput, and reducing risk 
  • Applications implementation and data integration to help management make informed decisions to benefit sales, operations and other aspects of the business
  • Financial Modeling and pro forma analysis to improve profitability, facilitate the sales process, and streamline accounting
  • Supply Chain, Procurement, and Inventory Management, to help ensure availability of Major Components, while minimizing procurement cost, storage expense, inventory shrinkage, and freight expense
  • New Service Offerings: business plan creation, pricing and profitability assessment, operational/technology assessment and process engineering, accounting, and AHJ compliance. 
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