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Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Systems turn sunshine into electricity. The fuel is free, but the challenges of dealing with technology, financing, permits, and government incentives are anything but simple. 
Peregrine helps commercial property owners cut through this uncertainty by providing a turn-key solution for commercial solar projects. We apply a consultative approach, helping to match the best technical solution to the right financing solution, all tailored to your company's unique characteristics.
Our principals have extensive experience in all aspects of solar energy development, including financial analysis, incentives, engineering, permitting, construction, and financing. We provide a true turn-key service, taking care of every project detail.
We help business leaders evaluate the economic benefits of these projects, which significantly improve net operating income, increase property value, and provide attractive ROI. Our analysis helps clients make the right “go/no-go” decision based on the project’s financials and economic value.
Successful solar projects require a highly disciplined approach. Our process includes:
  1. Feasibility and Needs Analysis to assess overall project viability, and help ensure alignment with Management Objectives.
  2. Physical Analysis of the property to determine the optimal design, engineering, location, and output of the system.
  3. Financial Analysis of the project to determine the optimal federal/state incentives and financing structure, including IRR and cash flow analysis, with a goal of fitting  the financing structure to the client’s objectives/ characteristics.
  4. Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) of the system, including mechanical and electrical contracting, acceptance testing and ongoing maintenance.
  5. Project Management. We manage all aspect of the project including spanning the entire development lifecycle, from concept to commissioning and ongoing maintenance. Our overriding goal is to deliver timely results while minimizing project risk.

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