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Collaborative Consulting

Our approach alligns your unique needs and objectives with the practical application of Alternative Energy products and services. We strive to understand your business, explain the pros and cons of your Alternative Energy options, and help you make the best possible decision regarding these capital investments. 

1. Feasibility & Needs Analysis

Assess high-level project viability and ensure alignment with Management’s objectives

2. Physical Analysis

Determine optimal product/service, engineering design, energy savings, and project cost, based upon your building's unique characteristics

3. Financial Analysis

Exploit federal/state incentives and optimize financing structure to maximize ROI, reduce payback periods, and minimize risk, based on your financial objectives and characteristics

4. Implementation

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), acceptance testing, and ongoing maintenance

  • Business Process Impovement (BPI), Applications development and business management consulting for EPC's

Program & Project Management

Peregrine employs a cohesive approach for managing your Alternative Energy initiatives, from concept to planing to execution to ongoing operation.

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