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Demand Response

Many Utilities and Grid Operators pay Commercial customers to reduce electricity consumption during high-demand periods in order to reduce stress on the electric grid. Customers can save as much as 25% of their annual electricity cost, but they require flexibility and significant usage levels. Savings vary based on responsiveness, geography, and willingness to reduce usage.
Peregrine works as part of your team to assess feasibility, and if appropriate, develop a pragmatic strategy to maximize savings while minimizing disruption to your business and/or customers. Our process includes:
  • Usage Assessment:  We facilitate installation of an interval meter, and review your usage at specific intervals in order to determine eligibility, as well as potential savings resulting from demand curtailment.
  • Program Identification:  Peregrine leverages its connections with Utilities and Grid Operators to identify appropriate energy curtailment programs and help negotiate beneficial agreements.
  • Opportunity Identification:  Depending upon business objectives, workflow, and production commitments, businesses will utilize certain curtailment actions at specific times, but not others. We work with your Facilities team to develop a realistic, context-sensitive approach to identify which measures are and are not appropriate.
  • Process Definition:  Because requests for electricity reduction are typically not known well in advance, it is critical to have a well-defined set of procedures which can be implemented while minimizing disruption to your business. These procedures include the on-the-fly decision to participate, as well as the steps (e.g., raising thermostats) to reduce demand, and ultimately restore operations once a curtailment event has concluded.
  • Training:  We produce materials, and train key personnel to execute specific demand reduction actions and recover from curtailment events.
  • Accounting:  Timing and payments by Utilities and Grid Operators vary, and are based on reduction in usage during curtailment periods versus a baseline. We help you understand how to calculate, track, and report on these savings.
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