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Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power or CHP) is the production of electricity using natural gas while utilizing the heat generated in the combustion process to vastly increase thermal efficiency of the power plant. The fundamental principle of cogeneration is to conver waste heat to useful energy. The efficiency of a cogeneration plant can reach 90% or more.
Cogeneration therefore offers energy savings ranging between 15-40% when compared against the supply of electricity and heat from conventional power generating systems and boilers. Cogeneration optimises the energy supply to all types of consumers, with the following benefits:
  • Significant cost savings, providing additional competitiveness for industrial and commercial users, and offering affordable heat.
  • Increased efficiency of energy conversion and use. Cogeneration is the most effective and efficient form of power generation.
  • Lower emissions to the environment, in particular of CO2, the main greenhouse gas. Cogeneration is the single biggest solution to the Kyoto target
  • Improved security of supply and grid independence
Cogeneration is extremely efficient and can provide tremendous savings, but overcoming challenges can be daunting. Issues regarding regulations, emissions standards, utility interconnection constraints, and system design all need to be carefully evaluated and addressed. 
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