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Lighting and Facilities Retrofits

Among the many ways to reduce energy costs, lighting / facilities retrofits often provide great bang for the buck. They can typically be implemented quickly and inexpensively, with paybacks often less than 2 years, and ROIs accruing directly to the bottom line. Many Facilities Managers utilize these retrofits to fund more ambitious energy efficiency measures. Dramatic improvements in LED technology, coupled with innovative control systems, make these projects practical in the vast majority of buildings.

Lighting can account for over 35% of total energy consumed. In addition to reducing energy load, however, today’s Energy Efficient Lights last longer (thereby reducing maintenance), produce less heat, can improve employee productivity, and enhance premises security. 

Successful lighting retrofit projects require the experience to recognize risks, and the skills to deliver results. Whether you are focused on maximizing savings, improving working conditions, or dealing with complex legislation and incentives, our team is equipped to help. All lighting projects are different – one size definitely does NOT fit all. Our solutions focus on your specific circumstances – not just another cookie-cutter approach.

Peregrine’s goal is to deliver a turnkey project, handling every stage of a building retrofit projects, from facility audits to final commissioning and warranty administration. Our methodology begins with a walk-through of your premises to record improvement opportunities. These can include replacement of inefficient equipment, mitigating HVAC issues (e.g., insulation, window replacement), lighting replacement, fixture upgrade, and installation of smart energy management features, such as dynamically dimming factory lights based upon ambient conditions.

We then produce a Facilities Improvement Report, summarizing equipment energy consumption and hours of operation. We provide practical alternatives, and a cost-benefit analysis showing energy savings, paybacks, and ROI. If applicable, we also detail rebates and incentives offered by utilities and state agencies, which can vastly offset the cost of these facilities retrofits.

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