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Energy Evaluation

Energy Evaluations assess the efficiency of plant, property, and equipment, lay the foundation for your site’s comprehensive energy management program, and provide a platform from which to launch short- and medium-term projects. Beyond helping to save our environment, such projects reduce energy costs, mitigate risk, provide LEED certification, and increase both productivity and employee retention.
Adoption of energy efficiency measures (EEMs) identified during an Energy Evaluation can reduce energy costs by 50% or more. Your specific budget, timeframes, growth projections, facilities, and objectives dictate which EEMs are appropriate. For example, while Solar PV presents an opportunity for superior ROI, many customers may be better suited for
Peregrine works with you to pragmatically align capabilities with objectives, and delivers turn-key alternative energy solutions. Our process entails:
  • Discussion with management and your facilities team to spur ideas, and gain a better understanding of your objectives/constraints.
  • Examination of your facilities to identify areas of risk and opportunity. These range from quick walk-throughs to Level-3 ASHRAE audits, if LEED certification is an objective. Peregrine documents these in a Site Assessment Report, which describes each risk/opportunity, together with strategies for improvement, anticipated energy savings, estimates of implementation costs, timeframes, other resource requirements, and inter-relationships between initiatives.
  • The Site Assessment Report is then reviewed with Management and your facilities team to prioritize projects. We are often able to identify “low hanging fruit” —  solutions which can be easily implemented with minimum expenditure of resources, yet deliver immediate results.
  • Peregrine then produces inter-related project plans for each prioritized initiative, and if desired, will commence implementation of a turn-key solution for your company’s site – always with an eye towards minimizing operational disruption.
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